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Kitchen Design Trends in Richmond

Are you behind on Kitchen design trends in Richmond?

Following kitchen design trends in Richmond can often be like watching the stock market. If you wait too long to invest in something, trying to play it safe, chances are you are getting in too late. Major kitchen trends tend to follow 7 year cycles. Richmond, VA being largely conservative at heart, traditionally follows a few years behind in national trends. If you have been waiting a long time for your kitchen to be updated, and you are trying to finally get caught up with everyone else, then definitely keep reading about where the most popular kitchen trends are heading- so you can stay ahead of the curve.

A changing skyline.

Richmond, VA is uniquely beautiful with deep-rooted history and traditions. Residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting preserved historical sights as well as new restaurants, shops, and other businesses which are breathing new life to our area. Old industrial buildings of a bygone era are being converted into swanky loft apartments. They’re within walking distance to one of the many new watering holes which tie RVA in first place, per capita, for the number of craft breweries. VCU has been a tremendous influence in attracting many new artists, designers, and alike to the area. Have you seen the new ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art) on W Broad St.? So, what does this all have to do with your kitchen, you may be asking. We’ll get there very soon.

Historically, Richmond has been an echo chamber of time-honored architecture, fashion, and design trends. If a lightbulb went out, it took three people to replace it; one to change it and two to talk about how good the old one was. We found the styles of the past to be endearing and charming (they are). New trends did not thrive here, merely clinging in small ad isolated pockets throughout the area… but that was then. This is now. One of the most significant changes over our most recently history is the exponentially increasing effects of the internet and television broadcasting. HGTV, Pintrest, Instagram… these media outlets are affording us a rich new pallet of inspiration. Instantaneously. For this reason, Richmond is poised on a breakthrough like it has never seen before. Taking cues from other larger, domestic and international cities, we are letting our hair down and becoming more liberated in our ability to evolve and be recognized as a cultural beacon in the mid-Atlantic. It is okay to express yourself now. You should.  

Where are we now in kitchen trends?

Richmond has historically been behind on kitchen and bath trends. Not for long though. While many builders of new homes may still plug away at safer bets, making selections based more on past market research, local kitchen and bath designers are becoming more and more in-tune with current and savvy trends. More importantly, those remodeling in Richmond are learning that our passions and creativity do not need to remain trapped any longer by outdated mindsets.

Fellow Richmonders, I know we love our farmhouse kitchens; but if this is something you do not truly identify with in your soul, and it is more something you feel you may have gotten caught up in… then do not invest in one now. As a trend, they are on the way out. So too are white kitchens in general. As for those floating shelves that look adorable in a staged kitchen, their impracticality has made them out without a rose.

New trends, according to the NKBA and KBIS include the following:

-Natural woods finishes will be making a strong comeback.

-Colors used will be more moody pastels, perhaps in contrast to the previous decade of white. While grays and nude colors will still be a way to hedge your bet, soft greens will be the new navy.

-Take a deep breath and relax knowing that it is okay to mix metal finishes, no-one is judging anymore. Get the faucet you want. Get the hardware you want.

– Watch out for backsplsahes though, newer bold pattern for tile are sure to be the center of attention. — Kitchens are smart now too, fully integrated with your other technology. You are now able to connect, monitor, and control appliances through your Wi-Fi. You can even check the inside of your fridge from the grocery store.

– Light fixtures on the market now are phenomenal. Consider stepping up your lighting game.

– Quartz (man-made) and quartzite (natural) will be your hot countertop trends… but do your homework about each.

– As far as cabinet styles, shaker is technically trending strong but keep an eye out for European style kitchens. Richmond is dropping its stigma about mdf and mdp cabinets and learning fast what the Germans and Italians have known for a while. With those smart designs, you will see many more flat panel doors more pantry sized (tall) cabinets.

– Finally, we arrive at the highest trending designs in kitchens are contemporary/modern and transitional. Bye-bye traditional. All in all, have fun with your kitchen design and make it work for you.